About Us


Global Wind Partners assists investors and project developers in the following fields; Project Due Diligence, M&A and Co-Project Development of Wind and Solar Projects.


The company was founded with the primary mission of serving project investors and project developers within the renewable energy industry with a broad range of competences. Particular focus is placed on due diligence and M&As of renewable energy projects and co-development of renewable energy projects in joint ventures with project developers, clients and finance partners.


Through our track record, experience and competences, which are the result of many years’ involvement in the renewable energy industry, Global Wind Partners vision is a platform where investors and project developers meet and realize renewable energy projects and solutions creating value for our clients and shareholders.


Across our business areas, Global Wind Partners is matching client expectations of strong financial gains by utilising our core competences and regional networks while conducting validated equity investments in wind farms to create value for current and future investors.


A Team Of Professionals

Troels Poulsen

Senior Partner & Consultant

Global managerial experience from leading positions and non-executive directorship in privately held companies within the renewable energy industry.

+45 4236 4777


Carsten Jacobsen

Senior Partner & Consultant

A highly skilled professional, with 20+ years of experience within the renewable energy industry. Working for different OEMs and developers, on executive positions. 

+45 7172 7776


Proven Success

The History of GWP

Global Wind Partners was founded with the vision to offer project investors and project developers a platform to meet and realize renewable energy projects and offer the parties professional services necessary completing projects and transactions. 

Global Wind Partners draws on valuable experience from the wind industry, solid financial, commercial, technical, managerial, and practical expertise gained through hands-on and documented experience of the wind industry, wherefrom the founders have more than 40 years of experience.




The wind industry partly refers and lends to the company name the origin “Global Wind Partners” – where the founders literally was born in the wind industry in the renewable energy industry.

PV Solar Industry
Wind professionals know about PV Solar technology too, whereas the opposite might not be the case. PV Solar Technology and projects therefore are an integral part of GWPs’ market and platform strategy.