Our Services


Global Wind Partners offer our clients support in conducting the due diligence process and be an active part in a M&A process trading renewable energy projects, for buyers or sellers in a M&A transaction.

co-Project Development

Global Wind Partners develops renewable energy projects in joint ventures with clients and finance partners right through to energy production. 

Due Diligence and M&A


Global Wind Partners will guide you through the transaction. The highly specialized team at Global Wind Partners will help you through the challenging M&A process of your future Renewable Energy asset.


Typical Services for buying Project Rights for a Wind Project:

  • Point of contact and communication with the seller.
  • Prepare bidding strategy
  • Preparation of business case for bidding purposes (according to client’s instructions)
  • Initiate third party review of wind data
  • Initiate third party review of grid connection
  • Arrange third party review of reference price 
  • Other arrange legal and data checks of deeds, permit, lease agreements, connection agreement (in some cases the pre-liminary connection agreement), sales agreement and lodged bank guarantees.

Typical Services for selling Project Rights for a Wind Project:

  • Point of contact communication with potential purchasers.
  • Preparing a presentation or prospectus on the project for sale.
  • Preparing and aligning a bidding procedure.
  • Establishing electronic data room.
  • Coordination with internal staff to ensure relevant documents are stored in the electronic data room, including legal and data checks of deeds, permits, lease agreements, sales agreements and issued letters of credit, e.g. for land acquisition, operational, production performance, land reclamation etc.
  • Arranging third party technical surveys of wind measurements data.
  • Preparing together with the appointed lawyer an assets sales agreement, including alignment with the purchasers at an early stage in the process to minimize the need for negotiating terms and conditions at the end.

Co-Project Development


Global Wind Partners offer our clients various services for renewable energy projects (Solar or Wind) e.g. stepping in projects in early or later stage of a project development assisting with services such as; Project Coordination, Engineering Services, Project Procurement, EPC Construction Management, Financial Management, Preparation of Project Business Case, Project Finance, Preparation of NDAs, Teaser- and Prospectus Material and Setting up Electronic Data Room and acting as point of contact to investors.     

Investors & Finance partners

Global Wind Partners is cooperating with a large number of investors e.g. private equity funds, capital funds, investment funds, pension funds, fund management companies and family offices.   

 Global Wind Partners has also developed close relationships with key financial institutions such as banks and export credit agencies.

With that Global Wind Partners can provide project investment opportunities on a global scale.

Project development partners

Global Wind Partners have over many years developed a large network of project development partners both in Wind and PV Solar Industry. With that Global Wind Partners can provide project investment opportunities on a global scale.